Hawk 100R

The Hawk 100R has, what we believe, the fastest spool time on the market. Factory settings for the Hawk 100R is around 4 seconds from idle to max power. However you have the possibility to change the setting for times down to around 2,5 seconds. This gives you the spool time from half throttle (aprox 50N of thrust) to maximum throttle in around  half a second. This is  a result due to very high combined turbine and compressor efficiency.


Dimensions de la turbine:

The Hawk 100R set includes:
Engine with temp probe, RPM sensor, Mounting lugs, Glow plug,
ECU, RX cable, Cable set for glow plug, Fuel pump with cable set,
HDT, LiPo battery, Transport casing, Manual fuel valve, O-ring spare part for starter, Fuel & Propane valve, Hose for Kerosene, Hose for propane,
Engine users manual, Warranty paper,
Performance test data (unique for each engine).
Three years warranty.